Investment Style

Our investment approach is focused on early-stage investments, but is also balanced by some later-stage deals. Investments are diversified over a broad range of industries, including information technology and medical industries. Geographically, investments are concentrated in the Rocky Mountain region, although some of our investments are dispersed across the United States.

Diversity- The Partnerships maintain diversified portfolios across a variety of industries, including:

The Partnership does not invest in Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources, Retail, or Consumer Products.

Geography- The geographic distribution of past investments is approximately 70% Colorado and 30% non-Colorado.


Stage- Roser Ventures is the lead investor in a majority of the companies in which we have invested.  Most of the companies are early stage, and Roser Ventures participates in the first professional round.

Fund Template- No more than 10% of any of our funds will be invested in any single portfolio company.  Our typical investment range is between $100,000 and $3 million.



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